JoAnn Regan

20280 N. 59th Avenue
Suite 115-321
, Arizona

JoAnn is a Financial Planner with training in the matters of senior planning, taxation, and finance. Her areas of specialty include working with retirees or soon-to-retire people who want to help protect their principal and try to ensure that they will not outlive their money. She helps her clients preserve their capital, increase their income, save money on their income taxes, and organize their affairs.

She is also a frequent public speaker. She has been asked to speak before many civic organizations and church functions. She sponsors her own informational seminars several times each month at various locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Additionally, she hosts The RetireTastic Show.

People who consult with JoAnn find greater peace of mind knowing that she is dedicated to staying current on senior issues. She has worked with seniors for over 30 years and specializes in Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Legal Document Preparation, and Income Tax Preparation. As an IRS-Enrolled Agent, she is able to assist her clients and their families with income and estate tax return preparation.

Mrs. Regan attended the University of Texas where she majored in Business and Accounting. She has three children and three dogs. JoAnn spends her free time traveling, boating, and volunteering.

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