Steve Archer

3730 Coconut Creek Pkwy
Suite 202
Coconut Creek
, Florida

Steven Archer graduated from St. John’s University in Queens, NY in 1988, and immediately entered the financial services industry on the strong advice of one of his best friends, a seasoned financial advisor. Before founding Strategic Senior Benefits Group, he had built two firms in New York and Florida into Fortune 100 companies.

Since 2007, Steve has made his home in Florida full-time and has developed a following who appreciate his focus on investing for income. The key has been Steve’s direct approach, communicating with his clients what they need to hear, at the time they need to hear it. The results have been open lines of communication, clarity, and realistic expectations.

Steve has spoken in front of thousands of advisors during his 30-year career and has been responsible for personally developing many financial advisors. He still makes it a practice to coach other financial advisors, which has served to keep him fresh, always in tune to new ideas and approaches that could potentially benefit his own clients.

In his spare time, he enjoys coaching baseball, a passion that was developed when his three sons (who are now 24, 22 and 16) began to play in 1998. In addition, Steve enjoys reading, riding his Harley, and traveling to experience the people and cuisine of different parts of our great country.

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