Meet Jeffrey Small from Arbor Financial and The Retirement Income Store

Who is Jeffrey Small?

Jeffrey Small is a Financial Advisor and a best-selling author, having penned Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, which has helped the general public master the “inside game” of investing and avoid Wall Street and media bias. He is an industry veteran and has appeared on many of the nation’s TV and radio shows on stations including CNBC, Fox News, and Fox Business.

Well-Respected Published Author

Jeff’s best-selling book, Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, reveals exactly how Wall Street, financial planners, and the news steer investors into poor, costly decisions. It prescribes proven alternatives that place readers on a path to reach or exceed the specific yield necessary for their situation.

Financial Educator

With over 32 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jeff has held over 500 seminars educating the pre and at retirement community on a broad range of monetary issues. He has personally strategized with thousands of local investors to create a master plan for investment that fuels their income stream allowing them to enjoy retirement.

Featured on the Income Generation

Jeff is regularly featured as a cohost on The Income Generation with David Scranton. The Income Generation isn’t just another show about retirement planning or the financial markets. It’s the only show that tackles the challenges and concerns unique to everyday investors over 50: hardworking Americans within 15 years of retirement who want – and need – to know how best to protect their money and generate income in today’s uncertain and unstable economic climate. 

In addition to his regular appearances on the show, Jeff also serves as brand ambassador for The Retirement Income Store, a national network of Income Specialists whose common goal is to help retirees and pre-retirees reduce exposure to stock market risk.

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