The Best Retirement Books in 2023

best retirement books in 2023

best retirement books in 2023

A successful retirement is more than just achieving financial independence. It’s also about finding meaning and happiness in a new chapter of life and trying to maximize the financial resources to fund this quest. 

How much do I need to retire? Can I retire early? No matter whether you are 25, 65, or any age in between, you probably have questions about retirement, and knowing the answers is the key to planning your future. Here are meaningful retirement books to help guide you in this important milestone, and what I think are the top retirement books of 2023: 

  • The Retirement Income Stor-E, by David J. Scranton
  • Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, by Jeffrey Small
  • Common Sense Income Strategies, by Michael Eastham
  • Three Blind Mice, by Scott S. McLean

How Books On Retirement Investing Can Help Your Retirement

Today’s Baby Boomers, unlike previous generations, face significant challenges when it comes to retirement planning. The books referenced above are authored by financial advisors with over 100 years of collective experience, who try to protect pre or current retiree’s investment portfolios. Each offers insight into the steps needed to live your best retirement life.

Including information about the strategies needed to try to maximize your retirement and build a more stable portfolio, these books are simple to understand and use easy to deploy terms. You will also learn how to best work with financial, legal, and tax consultants to help ensure everyone is working from the same playbook. Finally, by being alerted to potential pitfalls of the advice propagated by Wall Street and the media, you will be able to comfortably focus on defensive strategies that help ensure your financial stability.

The Best Retirement Planning Books Teach You The Skills You Need

Regardless of the books you choose to read, they must provide insight to:

  • Creating an awareness of the potential threats to a retiree’s financial stability and how to overcome them
  • Learning the right way to determine How Much of Your Income Should You Invest for Retirement, estimate retirement spending, and develop a sustainable strategy to spend judiciously
  • Diversifying portfolios that includes Investing for Income to help ensure returns even during difficult situations
  • Planning for potential long-term care
  • Leaving a legacy for family and those close to you

There are many books that tout they are the “best retirement book”. However, the best books should help the reader in adjusting to retirement. Consider takeaways from reading the books as a retirement gift. Retirement is an important milestone in a person’s life. Not only does it denote the end of a person’s career, but it also sends them off to an exciting new stage.

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