Fixed-Income Investing

Fixed income investing is an investment approach that focuses on the preservation of capital and income.

Fixed income investing can include investments like:

  1. government and corporate bonds
  2. CDs
  3. and money market funds

One of the benefits of fixed income investing is that it can help provide a reliable stream of income during retirement, with less risk than stocks which is especially helpful for people who are nearing retirement age and are not willing to risk as much.

Fixed Income Investment Options to Reduce Stock Market Risk

Our clients understand that individual fixed-income securities can provide a measurable reduction in risk, costs, and tax implications when compared to bond mutual funds.

That’s why our advisors use fixed income portfolio management strategies to create fully-customized portfolios of individual income producing investments that are tailored to our client’s needs.

Our active management of these fixed-income securities allows our team of portfolio managers to continually identify opportunities to help maximize returns on our clients’ behalf.

Shifting your investment focus from growth to income in the years just before retirement makes sense for most because fixed income investing is designed to help you achieve two objectives that become increasingly important as you near retirement:

  1. asset preservation
  2. dependable income

Passive Income You Can Count on In Retirement

Once most people realize this, they understand the benefit of having a financial plan geared toward owning assets and investments that generate passive income they can count on in retirement.

To find out more about how fixed income investing can help you create reliable streams of income in retirement while reducing your risk to stock market exposure connect with an income specialist in your area.

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