Income Planning

Our approach to income planning is designed to achieve two primary objectives that become increasingly important as you near retirement: asset protection and dependable income. These objectives align perfectly with the retirement goals of most people. According to a recent survey, there are three common themes almost all Americans are looking for in retirement:

  • Freedom from financial worries
  • Flexibility, both in their lives and in their finances
  • Time to spend with family, travel and pursue their interests

Chances are those sound familiar because they’re what you want from your own retirement. Achieving those goals starts with sound income planning and culminates with strategies that help you maximize your retirement income while protecting your principal from the risks of market volatility and spend-down.

How Can I Plan for Lifetime Income?

Our franchised income specialists help you do that in a way that also ensures you’ll meet the many other financial challenges unique to retirement, including healthcare inflation, maximizing your Social Security, satisfying your Required Minimum Distributions, the need for estate planning, long-term-care costs, and much more.

What Are the Best Retirement Plans for High Income Earners?

Despite a common and misconception, smart, strategic income planning is just as important for high-income earners as it is for individuals with a lower net worth. High earners and those with extensive assets often fall victim to the danger of complacency. As a result, they continue planning and investing for portfolio growth well past the time when they should have shifted their focus to income. For many, the result is a major financial loss at a time in life when they can least afford it. If you’re a high earner, one of our franchised Financial Advisors can help you reduce your market risk through strategies focused on stock dividends rather than capital gains, and help you minimize other risks such as tax loss through strategies such as charitable giving and Roth IRAs.

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