Risk Management

When it comes to your finances, risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing, and controlling the level of risk contained in your portfolio. No investment is entirely risk-free, but different types carry different levels of risk. A U.S. treasury bill, for example, is considered a very low-risk investment, while things such as emerging market equities and real estate are considered high risk. Understanding the relationship between risk and return — and the full meaning of both terms — is critical to successful retirement planning.

Is Every Financial Advisor a Risk Management Professional?

While every financial services professional is a certified risk manager to some degree, their level of experience can vary widely depending on the individual advisor and his or her business model. At Retirement Income Source, our franchised income specialists are among some of the most highly trained risk management professionals in the industry. They need to be because risk management is more central to a business model geared toward income than it is to one geared toward portfolio growth. Our franchised financial advisors and account managers are uniquely qualified professionals in the areas of:

  • Market risk management
  • Investment risk management
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Portfolio risk management
  • And overall financial risk analysis

If you’re retired or nearing retirement age, one of our franchised Financial Advisors can help you create a comprehensive risk management strategy geared directly toward your individual needs and goals—starting today! Don’t wait another minute to take charge of your financial future. Contact us now to speak to one of our risk management specialists in your area.

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