Albert Flores

Financial Planner and Fiduciary, 
18 Crow Canyon Court
Suite 280
San Ramon
, California

Al and his family reside in Concord, California. He is married and a father to a son and daughter. He has achieved 21 years of experience in the financial planning industry and has assisted hundreds of clients with their Retirement Planning, Income Distribution Planning, and Investment Advisory needs. His greatest belief is that the key to successful financial planning is in understanding that the process isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s about designing a lifestyle that promotes living a life filled with joy, happiness and passion during the non-earning years.

Al’s financial planning and investment advisory services focus on retired and pre-retired individuals. He advises on multiple areas of concern within the retirement community, i.e. assisted living, healthcare, legacy and income planning. Al has achieved the designation of Certified Estate Planner through the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners and is a Fiduciary.

Al has past experience in the real estate and the securities industry. He is currently an Investment Adviser Representative with Sound Income Strategies, LLC, where he has gained extensive experience from working with hundreds of individuals. Al believes in the following phrase by Jim Rohn: “Success is not so much what we have, as it is what we are”. Al believes that the key to a successful financial planning and advisory business is to learn not to focus on the individual’s balance sheet or net worth, but instead to take interest in who the individuals are and how they plan to live their lives with passion. After all, the things that we carry with us to the end are the memories of the people we love and the times we shared, not the figures on a financial statement.

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