Who Is Retirement Income Source®?

About Retirement Income Source®

Retirement Income Source® is committed to helping you enjoy financial peace of mind through steady income you can count on. Our network of franchised financial advisors specialize in income-generating investment strategies designed to help preserve your savings, so you can use it to generate ongoing streams of interest and dividend payments you can count on. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate our clients about the best options available to help them achieve their long-term financial goals. By focusing on income-generating investments, we’re able to help our clients enjoy retirement with a greater sense of financial stability, than most traditional growth-based firms can offer.   

Your Journey

We’ll start by helping you understand the fundamentals of investing, the importance of financial defense, and essential facts about stock market history. Then, we’ll take the time to identify your specific goals so we can create a customized portfolio of individual, income-generating investments, capable of funding the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for your retirement. 

Our History

April 1987
David Scranton establishes the Scranton Financial Group in Westbrook, Connecticut—dedicated to providing clients with the financial foundations they need to succeed.
April 1987
January 2006
Advisors’ Academy was founded by David Scranton with a vision to recruit other highly successful and like-minded advisors and teach them how to achieve even higher levels of success – while always keeping the interests of their clients first!
January 2006
September 2014
David Scranton founded Sound Income Strategies—a Registered Investment Advisory firm ($2 Billion+ in AUM) specializing in the active management of individual fixed-income securities.
September 2014
January 2019
Retirement Income Source® is founded as a nationwide network of franchised income specialists where individuals can find a financial advisor in their area who is a fiduciary and specializes in retirement income.
January 2019

Questions & Answers

When it comes to planning and saving for retirement there is no set amount that will be right for all. The right amount will vary and will depend on things like your age, life expectancy, and the lifestyle you want to enjoy in retirement. What's most important is that you invest in a manner that matches your level of risk tolerance.

It's a manner of investing that is focused on income-generating investments, designed to help preserve your savings.

An Income Specialist is a financial advisor who understand the best ways to help clients invest in a manner that generates ongoing streams of income they can count on in retirement. All franchised Income Specialists with Retirement Income Source are also Fiduciaries, which means they're legally obligated to always look out for your best interests.

A fiduciary is someone who is legally obligated to always look out for your best interests.  Examples of fiduciaries include doctors, lawyers, and some financial advisors.

Although the right time will vary from case to case, it generally makes sense to begin reducing your exposure to growth-based strategies as you near retirement. By doing so, you can better protect your savings and use it to establish renewable streams of income for your retirement.