Retirement Income Planning Tips from David Scranton

I get asked about retirement planning all the time. It varies from people who are in retirement to younger people who are looking down the road at the future. Some people even ask, “What is Retirement Income Planning?” I am always eager to offer retirement income planning tips to those who are serious about achieving their dream retirement. With that said, I have put together a list of tips that I think you will find very helpful if you are in the planning stages, or even thinking about your retirement. 

1. Make the Right Investments

One of the more popular strategies when it comes to investing for retirement is Investing for Income. By following this strategy and making the right investments, you can look forward to having additional income even when you are no longer working. For more information, see 10 Ways to Invest for Income.

2. Understand Where You Are Right Now

To figure out what you will need, you must first have a clear understanding of your financial position today. You may be more or less prepared for retirement than you think. In order to properly assess where you are today and what you should do moving forward, take a Free Retirement Review. This will help you get the specific answers you need based on your current situation.

3. Factor in Inflation

Keep in mind that with inflation, prices will rise. If you factor in inflation when it comes to your retirement plan, you can help protect yourself in the future.

4. Speak with your Spouse

It is important to understand what your spouse or significant other thinks they will need in retirement. Questions like, “How much will we spend?”, and “How much should we save?” are critical when it comes to putting together your family’s retirement plan.

5. Stay Healthy

Not only will medical expenses eat up your savings, but you cannot enjoy the retirement you have worked so hard for if you are not healthy. Good health is just as important as proper planning when it comes to enjoying the retirement you have always dreamed of.

6. Determine How Much You Will Be Spending in Retirement

Do you know where you are going to live? What about your monthly expenses? Determine what your living costs will be and have a better idea of what you can do now to help ensure you are ready.

7. Stick To Your Budget

By now you have probably spent plenty of time coming up with a budget to help you save more and spend less. The key is to stick to it. Many Americans make budgets but have a hard time following them. Sticking to a well-planned budget can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money and planning ahead for retirement.

8. Speak With an Income Specialist

There are many reasons Why You Should Talk to an Income Specialist Today. By having a conversation with an Income Specialist, you will have the chance for someone to look at your needs and goals specifically and help you come up with the best plan that is catered to your needs.

9. Pay off Debt

If possible, pay off your mortgage and any credit card debt as soon as you can. By eliminating the extra payments each month, you free up money that can be used for savings or for low-risk, high-return investments.

10. Work More

In order to work less in the future, you may need to work more now. By working more, you will bring in excess money that can be used in your retirement. Is your significant other not working? Perhaps they could pick up a part-time job or start a business from a hobby as a way to bring in additional income.

What Next?

If you follow these tips, you should be in good shape when it comes to planning your retirement and enjoying it when the time comes. If you still have questions, or would like to speak with an Income Specialist who can help you come up with a specific plan designed around your needs and goals, you can contact The Retirement Income Store today.

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